Welcome Li McNight!

Network Engineer

Quote or Inspiration: The keys to life are running and reading! -Will Smith

Expertise: I cannot say that I am expert at anything. But I know more about computer stuff, workout and healthy diet than anything else.

Hometown: Hangzhou, China

First job: translator (English to Chinese and vice versa)

Education & training: Graduated from the colleges with majors in English while in China and computer networking in USA.

Number of computers at home: 2 laptops and 1 ipad

Hobbies: weightlifting (workout)

Brainfood: always learning

Favorite band or music: Bee Gees, Foreigner, Boyz II Men

Favorite thing about Verma Systems: very friendly working environment

Apps I can’t live without: wechat

Tech tip: Always make sure what you are doing before making any change!