Welcome George Mitchell!

Network Engineer

Quote or Inspiration: “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.” ~Robert Heinlein

Expertise:  Research

Hometown: Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

First job: Produce Clerk at Super Fresh

Education & training: Associate’s of Applied Sciences – Computer Network Administration | Bachelor’s of Science – Information Systems Security. Both degrees from I.T.T. Technical College.

Number of computers at home: 3

Hobbies: Comedic writing, working out, and a novice of the bass guitar.

Brainfood: Any food or drink that contains high levels of caffeine.

Favorite band or music: Lil Wayne.

Favorite thing about Verma Systems: Co-workers.  

Apps I can’t live without: Amazon, Amazon Music, PayPal, Samsung Pay, Waitr, Google Maps, and FinishLine

Tech tip:  Keep IT Simple!