Virtual and Vulnerable? Securing Your Data and Teleworkers

In a very short amount of time, the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected everyone across the country and around the world including businesses. The shift to working remotely is happening quickly. Though most companies have a VPN or VDI solution for remote access, these solutions generally are not designed to scale to the concurrent use by nearly all their users simultaneously. Users want access to all resources at the same speed and reliability they are accustomed to while at their office.

As companies have been working quickly and diligently to ensure reliable remote access for all employees in their business, a key component is likely missing. Whenever we perform changes hastily, security often takes a back burner. Likewise, the need for ease of access (especially for users not accustomed to remote work) will often result in security policies being abandoned or ignored.

Vulnerabilities can exist inside your networks, in your cloud environments (public or private) and most importantly, with your remote workforce. Security solutions like advanced anti-virus and anti-malware are extremely important. In addition, adding multiple layers of security with products that provide DLP, web filtering, and content protection are critical to securing your data. Verma Systems has several tools in our arsenal from industry-leading vendors for monitoring, alerting, and preventing security breaches and data loss.

I would like to encourage all our customers, and anyone interested in hardening security for their remote workforce, to contact me to discuss. In addition to a review of potential attack vectors and security weak spots, we will work together to find a solution to protect your corporate data. Whether you’re confident in your security posture and want an audit, or if you feel your security is lacking, I want to help. Allow myself and our staff of engineers to work with you on defining a security policy and discussing ways for you to reach 100% compliance.

So if you have any concerns about security, or just want to chat, please reach out to me at, call me directly at (225) 304-6922, or use our contact form.