Hurricane Preparedness Technology Checklist

Back up your files and secure your technology, before a storm arrives.

Verma Systems has been in the Baton Rouge area since 1991.  We’ve been through a hurricane or two and know how serious it can be. The safety of family and friends is, of course, the number one priority. Also important is a business technology preparedness checklist in your planning. Files and data saved on local computers and within local servers could be at risk during a storm.  Here are a few things you can do to prevent a serious data loss.

1.  Backup of your important data and take it with you.

You probably already know that it’s good practice to frequently backup your data and files to an external hard drive or off-site location. This practice is extra important during times of inclement weather.  Make sure you have an offsite backup of your data, not just one at the office.  Please contact our helpdesk if you are not sure if you have an offsite backup and they will assist.

2.  Turn off all computers and on-premise servers at the close of business before storm arrival.

Take time to completely power down all computers and on-premise servers before you leave your home or office. If your computers and on-premise servers are not plugged into a surge protector, they should be unplugged from the power source. Electricity can come and go during the storm, and these fluctuations can cause major damage to electronic devices.

3.  If your area is prone to flooding, put all computers on top of desks or other high and dry locations, away from windows.

Water is obviously the enemy of electronic technology.  You don’t want to risk even a little bit of water coming into contact with your electronic devices. Even if your area is not prone to flooding, you may still want to take this precaution.  Contact Verma Systems if you need assistance.

4.  Do not turn on any equipment until the storm has passed and power is stabilized.

You may be tempted to turn on your computer, to check for internet access or other news.  However, it’s important to keep your electronics unplugged and off until the storm has passed.  As we mentioned above, electricity surges can be damaging to your hardware during a storm. Power surge damage can also be difficult or even impossible to repair.

Taking these steps should help you secure your data and keep your electronics as safe as possible.  However, should anything happen during the storm, Verma Systems offers office relocation, data recovery and other IT solutions.  Email if you need help.

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