2018 Hurricane Season

Although it looks like Baton Rouge may be spared from the worst of Tropical Storm Gordon we want to remind our clients that safeguarding your business in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane is key.  If you haven’t already, NOW is the time to review your IT Disaster Recovery Plan to make sure it’s in good working order. 

Verma Systems’ network engineers are on standby if you have any questions or need IT services. Please contact us at 225-296-0399, Email Support@vermasystems.com, or by an emergency hotline with 24-hour service at 225-338-6848.

IT Tips and Safeguards:

  • First, review your IT Disaster Recovery Plan and make sure it’s in good working order.
  • Collect important paper documents and keep them in a safe, dry place. If you must return to your office in substandard conditions; having them in one location will make it easier, quicker and safer to retrieve.
  • Sensitive documents should be treated as such. You or your team may not be the first people to enter the building. Shred what is supposed to be shredded and safeguard the rest.
  • Have an emergency flashlight in a secure place in the event you return to your office and there is no power.
  • Take a copy of your Disaster Recovery Plan and your emergency contact numbers with you before leaving your office.
  • If you fear flooding, elevate IT equipment off the floor.
  • And most important, be safe!