Welcome Donnovan Mabile!

Virtual CTO / Network Engineer / Director of Technical Services

Quote or Inspiration: Energy and persistence conquer all things- Benjamin Franklin
Expertise: I can’t really say I’m an expert in any field. My interest are all over the place.
Hometown: Pierre Part, Louisiana
First job: Turtle Farm / 11 years old until 18 years old
Education & training: LSU (Bachelors-ISDS)
Number of computers at home: 2 computers and 4 tablets
Hobbies: Running, fishing, hunting, shooting, hiking and splitting firewood
Brainfood: Reading and keeping up with World News
Favorite band or music: Hank Williams Jr.
Favorite thing about Verma Systems: Comradery  
Apps I can’t live without: Amazon and Google
Tech tip: Save your work often and always have a contingency plan!


Posted on August 2, 2018 .