Welcome Wesley Corie!

Verma Systems' Project Manager

Quote or Inspiration:  “It's all in your head -- you just have no idea how big your head is.” ―Lon Milo DuQuette
Expertise: Project Management, Computer Networking, and Troubleshooting
Hometown: I was born in Houston, TX, but have lived in Baton Rouge for over 20 years.
First job: Verma Systems, back in 2001! Back then, I worked as a “Bench Tech” repairing beige-box computers.
Education & training: Mostly self-taught, and I went to ITT Tech night-school and received my Associates of Science in Computer Network Technology in 2010. I was Valedictorian, along with my classmate and now coworker, Dustin Leaycraft! I received my Project Management Professional (PMP) training and certification in 2016.
Number of computers at home:  Only 2: 1 desktop running Windows 10 Pro, 1 laptop running Linux Mint.
Hobbies: Reading and collecting books, watching anime and Godzilla movies, and playing video games (PS4 and PC).
Brainfood: N-acetyl Cysteine (look it up!) and Greek & Lebanese food. There is no such thing as ‘too much garlic’!
Favorite band or music: I like a variety of things, from Blind Guardian and Daft Punk to Jars of Clay and Jamiroquai.
Favorite thing about Verma Systems:  Working with people who share my interests and passions, both professionally and personally.
Apps I can’t live without: Reddit, Instagram, Wikipanion and Audible
Tech tip: Try Googling “Alternative to…” when you’re researching a solution (this applies to anything from software to medical treatments). You’ll find information that you may not have previously considered!

Posted on November 13, 2017 .